nutellamp lamp nutella

Nutellamp: Lamp and Nutella combination

Finishing a can of Nutella is certainly a disheartening moment, I tried to make the event more “radiant” transforming it into a lamp better defined as “Nutellamp” 🙂

Besides being useful and functional, it’s a great way to recycle, so if you want your “Nutellamp” you can follow my video tutorial and once you have finished a jar of Nutella (so it will be very easy: -p), you won’t have to roll up your sleeves.




You can use “Nutellamp” in a variety of ways:

  • as night light around the house;
  • to give a special touch to the kitchen;
  • as a dining centre for breakfast;
  • by filling it with marbles or other decorative elements, so as to create a play of light when switched on and give it more character when turned off.