memo frame

Memo frame: the fanciful whiteboard

Memo frame? My memory is strange, I remember conversations literally for years, if you tell me “let’s meet here in six years at 6pm”, I will remember it exactly. I can tell you precisely how you were dressed that day eight months ago, but on the contrary I could easily leave home without a bag, or forget where I was going or what I was doing at the time I was doing it.
To try to fill this gap, I thought of using a whiteboard as a memo, but often they are too big or need to hang on the wall. Living in a small apartment I opted for a memo frame instead of the classic blackboards. Easy to use on any surface, in case you need to keep an eye on the memo and absolutely customizable according to your taste or the furnishing of your home or office.

If you also want to add style to your memo boards by doing away with the usual blackboards and cork panels, follow my video tutorial and you won’t risk leaving your home or office forgetting what you needed. (Our head is attached, no memo is necessary, so as not to loose it, just check it occasionally :-p).


  • A frame. I used FISKBO from IKEA, but you can use any frame of your choice that best suits your ambience and style.
  • Decorative paper. You can use anything, like rice paper or newspaper, free your imagination.


To make the memo frame more eco-friendly, you can use recycled paper:

  • I, for example, used an old gift bag that I had saved. It can be both a good way to recycle and reuse a paperl you liked but couldn’t have used differently;
  • You could use a larger frame to hang on the wall, so that beside a memo board you also have a modern and original piece of art when it’s not used for memos:
    memo frame wall
  • don’t limit it to the wall! You can attach it to the door, with extra strong tape like Pattex “No More Nails” Adhesive Tape. I have created another medium size memo frame to attach to the closet door, the result is certainly impressive and undoubtedly very useful.
  • to write on memo frame you can use any erasable marker pen for whiteboards, but for a more particular touch I suggest to use the erasable chalk effect markers such as these Stationery Island Chalk
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