dreamcatcher necklace

Dreamcatcher Necklace: a new start full of positive energy

Dreamcatcher Necklace: this is a special post because I consider it the official launch of my online Shop – Now You 2 and, in general, my Now You 2 project which I refer to in my presentation page.

The first article that I propose and that I put on sale, in the hope of a good start, is the
Dreamcatcher Necklace.

It’s a stainless steel necklace, with beads and colored tassels, entirely assembled by hand, that’s inspired by the ancient tradition of dream catchers: notoriously attributed to the Native Americans. From recent studies it seems that they were also present in the Indies several centuries before. It is said that dreamcatchers have the ability to attract positive energies and drive away negative ones, to preserve good dreams, keeping nightmares and nefarious thoughts at bay.
Although their existence is probably more pragmatic than we believe, the appeal they evoke in us is undeniable and very often what counts is the hope, and the positive thought that a given thing can work; so the dream catcher can serve as a catalyst for a newfound optimism or to instill confidence that a current nightmare can change into a shining dream. So, in addition to wearing it on every occasion, it is excellent as a gift for a special friend.

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