damaged bag

Damaged bag: How to repair the magnetic closure

A few months ago, I bought a bag that started to deteriorate on the magnetic closure after very little time. I was sorry to have to throw it away because the rest was still in a very good condition, so I thought to cover the damage magnetic closure with a charm.

If you too have a bag with a damaged closure, you can use this small expedient to hide the defect and make it even more interesting and personal. Following my video tutorial you can give a new life to your damaged bag.


  • Bag: damaged or to be customized.
  • Pendant: you can use one you have at home, buy it online or in a hobby shop.
  • Glue: The E6000 Multi Purpose Adhesive would be the most suitable. I used the B-7000 which is just as good, but you can use any elastic seal glue, so as to ensure that the pendant does not comes off with the movements of the fabric or if you pull it accidentally.


To repair and personalize your damaged bag you could: