Magnetscrews: personalized magnets for your fridge

Have you ever had a post-it or cards sticked to the refrigerator by a piece of scotch or holiday souvenir magnets? It happens very often to me, so I decided to make simple personalized magnets that work a bit like the classic cork board tips.
I had the idea of “magnetscrews” to give to the refrigerator and the wall board an even more interesting look!

Following my video tutorial you can easily make the “magnetscrews” to restyle your desk or as a gift to someone who loves DIY.


  • Flat-tipped screws: Easily available from hardware stores or in a home depot.
  • High sealing glue: I have used the B-7000 but the Attak or similar is fine.
  • Magnet: I used those in neodymium, because they have more magnetic power than ferrite in the same size. You can find them online (Magnet Expert High Grade N42 (NdFeB) Neodymium Magnet), in the hobbies store or model shops.


For an even more interesting effect of “magnetscrews“:

  • you could give the screws a touch of colour buying them already coloured like Viti Pig: Neon Skewers 1″ Phillips;
  • you could give the screws a touch of colour by tinting them with the spray can;
  • if you have a magnetic surface, such as a clipboard, you can use the screws directly without the magnet, which will make the “screwed” effect even more realistic.

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